31st August 2018 Author: BDMA Category:

We are delighted to present the second edition of The Standard, the quarterly magazine from the British Damage Management Association (BDMA). The overarching theme for our August edition is technology...

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Guest Blog: A fresh approach to restoring suspended ceilings

28th August 2018 Author: BDMA Category:

By Malcolm Brown, Sure Foot Suspended Ceilings have been a boon to the construction industry since their introduction. With versatile design, the ability to create brighter working spaces and technolo...

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Understanding the permeability of a building material

20th August 2018 Author: BDMA Category:

The link between water and building damage is something we are all too aware of in this industry. When a property has experienced flooding or an escape of water, it’s important to understand and rec...

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Guest Blog: Technology developments in the damage management restoration industry

14th August 2018 Author: BDMA Category:

By Neale Vickery,  Corroventa. Over the last decade big investments in time, money and intellect have been made by damage management equipment suppliers to offer improved performance and to impro...

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Inside the BDMA e-Academy: Health & Safety

1st August 2018 Author: BDMA Category:

Working on-site regularly when providing solutions to insurance claims, you have probably noticed the increase in the need to comply with mandatory health and safety regulations. On-site health and sa...

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