BDMA TECHNICIAN (BDMA Tech) is the entry level accreditation for core damage management practitioners.


Practitioner with minimum 12 months experience and having the ability to carry out practical tasks relating to fire and flood incidents.  Able to identify type of fire/flood/water damage and the appropriate on site action to be taken.  Ability to undertake basic risk assessments.

Experience and Qualifications:

  • Minimum 12 months practical experience of fire, flood and water damage restoration
  • Associate Membership – depending on experience a minimum period as an Associate may be required
  • Registered as owning a copy of the Official BDMA Damage Management Training & Reference Module
  • Minimum of 10 CPD Points accrued within previous 12 months under the BDMA CPD (Continuous Professional Development) Scheme

Entry Method: Satisfactory completion of relevant BDMA examination (Syllabus available here)

Please note that you also have the option to apply for our Core Damage Management Technician & Claims Technician training for £325 + VAT. This includes 12 months Associate Membership and access to the Damage Management Training & Reference e-Learning module. View our courses and training calendar here


Developing knowledge and understanding of the BDMA Standards provided by the BDMA to all individual members.

FEES: £168.00 + VAT per annum

A badge is also available which can be worn on uniforms or work clothing to identify accredited technicians.  techbadge

Apply for Associate Membership (if you are aiming for Technician accreditation).


For currently accredited BDMA Technicians please see our list of Accredited Individual Members.