For insurers & Loss Adjusters

The BDMA works closely with insurers to improve communication, transparency and collaboration between the damage management sector and the wider industry.

The objectives of promoting industry standards and best practice remain at the heart of the BDMA’s relationship with the insurance community. In addition to keeping abreast of the latest technical and scientific developments, damage management practitioners are expected to recognise the insurer’s need to achieve cost effective recovery, reduce the claims cycle and increase customer retention.

Communication and, in particular, education hold the key to ensuring the wider industry is able to identify best value from the damage management contribution. The BDMA’s training, examination and accreditation programme, designed for insurance practitioners, is demonstrating cost benefits to the claims process and allowing damage management contractors to deliver real value that is recognised and understood.

Enabling the insurance industry to understand the technical implications for properties following incidents such as floods or fires, together with the most appropriate and cost effective ways of responding to them, gives insurance practitioners greater confidence in accepting the advice of competent contractors and recognising the benefits of recommended procedures. This in turn ensures contractors are better placed to deliver value for money without compromising quality and best practice.

The insurer training programme, delivered by the BDMA, leads to the BDMA Insurance Technician accreditation. An accreditation category of BDMA Claims Technician is available for those involved in property claims activities, who do not meet the criteria for accreditation as a Damage Management Technician or Insurance Technician. It caters for those who are not directly employed by an insurance or adjusting company for whom interaction with professional damage management practitioners and the insurance sector is a feature of their day-to-day activity.

For more information please see the relevant membership category or contact the BDMA directly.