Route to Membership or Accreditation

Are you looking to become an associate or accredited member of the BDMA as an individual or in a corporate capacity?

The BDMA has well over 2,600 members across a range of categories, covering damage management and many related disciplines.

Here are some of the reasons our members gave for joining the BDMA

• “It shows the world that I am competent; professional; qualified; experienced”

• “Insurers want to see a BDMA accreditation”

• “I can take my accreditation with me when I move jobs”

• “I want to gain further knowledge; increase competency; develop my career”

• “It will increase my future employability within the claims or insurance industry”

• “It will help me to provide a professional service on damage management insurance claims”

• “I want to gain an accreditation that is recognised and respected across the industry and beyond”

• “It was recommended by my company; colleagues; associates”

• “It is a contractual or work requirement”

• “Because I really value the BDMA”

Membership offers a number of benefits and BDMA accreditation is essential for those wishing to gain a respected professional qualification.

See the information below to find the correct route to best match your situation.


What best describes your area of activity?

1. I work for a damage management, building & construction or similar company where I am directly involved in property restoration including stabilisation, cleaning, decontamination, drying and reinstatement activities and:

I work in the field > your appropriate category is Damage Management Technician
•  I am office/desk based > your appropriate category is Claims Technician

2. I work for an insurer, loss adjuster or insurance broker.
Your appropriate category is Insurance Technician.

3. I work for a company within the wider damage management sector or wider insurance industry, including property supply chain, but do not carry out specific damage management or reinstatement works.
Your appropriate category is Claims Technician.

4. I work primarily in the commercial damage management sector and am involved in on-site activities within commercial damage management including the decontamination, drying and restoration of buildings and infrastructure, plant / machinery etc, electrics / electronics / pneumatics / hydraulics etc.
Your appropriate category is Commercial Technician.

5. I am a student studying on a full-time, part-time or day release basis with an interest in damage management, construction, or flood management. Your appropriate category would be Student Associate.

6. I am retired. If you already hold an individual BDMA accreditation you may want to retain your membership when you retire … Find out more

7. None of the above.
Fill out our form to provide us with more information so that we can advise an appropriate route specific to your circumstances.


1.The company wishes to align itself with the BDMA but is not aiming for accredited corporate membership.
You should apply for Corporate Associate.

2.The company is interested in achieving accredited Corporate Membership.
Check if you meet the criteria for this category.

3. None of the above.
Fill out our form to provide us with more information so that we can advise an appropriate route specific to your circumstances.