Corporate Accreditation

ACCREDITED CORPORATE MEMBERSHIP of the BDMA requires organisations to meet stringent criteria and will only be achieved by companies who have a strong core of professionally qualified staff supported by robust policies and procedures.

The process may take a number of years to complete for some organisations, especially those beginning the journey to accreditation with their staff.  Criteria are audited biennially and must be continued to be met to maintain accredited status.

Accredited Corporate Members are entitled to display the Corporate Collective Mark, which is provided in association with their membership number. This is a registered trademark and any violation of the terms and conditions of use are treated very seriously and action is taken where appropriate.

The Corporate Collective Mark must be removed immediately from all literature, websites, and other media as well as from company vehicles if an organisation fails to meet the accreditation criteria at the annual audit.


The following criteria need to be met for an application to be considered. Accreditation is not automatic, and applications are reviewed quarterly by the BDMA Board of Directors

  • 25% of qualifying staff are BDMA Tech (including Claims Tech, Insurance Tech, Comm Tech and Specialist Restorer), by examination or due process
    • Staff subscriptions and CPD are up to date
    • Qualifying staff are all those who work for your company in a client-facing damage management/property restoration/property claims handling capacity, rather than performing back-office functions such as marketing or finance.
    • Staff that have worked for a firm via an agency continuously for more than 6 months since their first usage must be included.
  • Directors/Principals/Shareholders of the organisation should have:
    • no unspent criminal convictions (excluding motoring convictions),
    • no un-discharged bankruptcies,
    • no outstanding CCJs (including against the Entity, if relevant),
    • not been director of a company declared insolvent in last 6 months.
    • If potential applicants cannot comply with this requirement, the BDMA can waive requirements at its discretion, following consultation with the applicant.
    • There is an ongoing obligation on Corporate Accredited members to notify the BDMA if any of these issues become applicable.
  • Firms must have in place core values, business practices, and a diversity and inclusion policy that align with the BDMA Code of Ethics. Typically we would like to see:
    • Company Code of Conduct/Ethics
    • Company Diversity & Inclusion Policy
    • Company Professional Development Program
    • Or similar documentation that aligns with our Code of Ethics
  • The Directors of the BDMA will consider whether there is any organisational behaviour, reputation, history or suggestion on the part of the applicant that might bring the BDMA into disrepute in their decision-making.
  • Corporate Accredited Membership is subject to board review and approval at application and biennial renewal

Entry Method
: Qualifying criteria and ratification by BDMA Board of Directors.
Fees: No annual fee.

If you would like to apply, please click here.