For Property Owners

FLOOD RECOVERY is a specialised discipline which is separate from the general building work often required in the aftermath of water damage. This also applies to contractors dealing with fire damage and contamination issues.

Property owners affected by flooding are entitled to request that professionally qualified contractors are used for restoration and recovery work. Where possible you should ask for an accredited BDMA Technician or Senior Technician to advise on recovery or restoration work following fire, flood or water damage.

Please see our Guidelines to find out what you should expect a professional flood recovery contractor to provide.

Property owners are encouraged to use this site to learn more about damage management and when and how technicians can help in dealing with damage caused by water, fire or contamination.

Visitors can confirm the status of anyone claiming BDMA membership or accreditation by entering the individual’s name in the site search field. If the person is registered with the BDMA their name, company and level of accreditation will be listed. Please contact the BDMA by email via if you need further clarification.

PLEASE NOTE: While many companies employ accredited BDMA practitioners, this does not mean the company itself is accredited. Only organisations listed as Accredited Corporate Members can claim this status.


A series of FREE leaflets to assist flood victims can be ordered from the BDMA or downloaded from this site.