Complaints and Concerns Procedure

Informal Process
It is hoped that problems will normally be dealt with informally, in a spirit of conciliation, without the need for recourse to a formal procedure. If you have any concerns regarding a BDMA member’s adherence to our Code of Ethics, this should be raised in the first instance with the BDMA’s Company Secretary in a courteous and constructive manner.

If the response to the informal complaint or concern is unsatisfactory, you should use the formal process set out below. You should only use the formal procedure if you consider that the concern or complaint is too serious to be dealt with informally or you are dissatisfied with the results of informal discussions.

Formal Process
You should raise the formal concern or complaint in writing to the BDMA Company Secretary.

Company Secretary
British Damage Management Association
Harborough Innovation Centre
Wellington Way
Airfield Business Park
Market Harborough
LE16 7WB


The BDMA Company Secretary will aim to respond to your written communication within five working days of receipt, explaining how the complaint will be processed. The complaint will be investigated fully (normally this will involve an invitation for you to discuss the complaint further) and you will normally receive a written response within ten working days.

The Company Secretary will determine whether the Board of Directors and Professional Standards Committee should be consulted or informed of the complaint.

If you are satisfied with the response received and do not wish to take the complaint further, the information gained from the complaint will be used as part of any review of the process by the BDMA Professional Standards Committee to improve the services provided by the BDMA.

During the complaints process, if we do not receive a response from a complainant for a period of 6 months, we will deem the matter closed.

If the complaint is not resolved within ten working days or is subject to further action in a way that is unsatisfactory to you, you may submit an appeal.

The Professional Standards Committee will be convened to consider your appeal. The committee will investigate the complaint or concern and report its decisions to the Board of Directors.

Complaints Committee
The Professional Standards Committee will endeavour to have no previous connection with the case or any parties to the complaint or concern. The committee will comprise a Board Director, a senior BDMA Employee and a member of the Executive Committee. The Committee will consider your complaint and report its decisions to the Board of Directors.