The benefits of a BDMA membership

Damage management and the associated trades comprise a highly competitive market. This means the necessity for uniform standards of care and codes of practice are essential in the success of an industry professional in today’s society.

The British Damage Management (BDMA) membership is a highly respected accreditation within the damage management sector and associated industries. All of our memberships are tailored to provide great benefits for those wishing to gain a professional qualification and learn more in the field, whatever your job role may be.

We offer many different memberships, for both individuals and organisations.

An Accredited Membership is available to practitioners working in damage management and associated industries who wish to gain a certified qualification and are committed to delivering industry best practice.

A Corporate Accredited Membership is open to organisations who meet strict criteria and have a specific percentage of staff who are able to be Accredited Individual Members, in the relevant categories.

An Associate Membership is open to individuals with an interest in the damage management industry but does not wish to carry any accreditation from us. A Corporate Associate status is open to any organisation wishing to show support for the BDMA and the damage management industry.

We currently have just under 3,000 members ranging from damage management, loss adjusters, insurance and associated industry sectors. Our accredited and corporate members achieve accreditation by sitting an examination preceded by practical experience, relevant training and study of the appropriate Training & Reference Modules, BDMA standards and the associated examination syllabus.

All of our BDMA memberships and accreditations come with great benefits for individuals and organisations. Here are just a few of those.

Be industry recognised

We are recognised for advocating the highest standards within industry, whilst providing a framework for best practice. All of our associates and accredited members receive a free copy of our BDMA Standards document to read and work alongside with, ensuring the individual can learn, adopt and mirror the BDMA standards directly.

Being industry recognised with a BDMA membership creates a stepping stone for your career. It allows you to join a community of experts in the wider industry, whilst providing customers and policyholders with added confidence in your ability as a damage management professional.

Bespoke training

Our members have 24/7 access to educational materials through our online E-learning platform, training courses, technical and research papers, sector information and support, as well as publications and journals of standards in the industry dedicated to best practice within the industry.

Education is an essential element of a damage management professional’s ability to deliver industry best practice – a key objective of the BDMA. All of our training modules are tailored to individuals and sectors with the objective to both teach and upskill individuals interested in and working in the industry.

Through our training process, we are raising industry standards, whilst supporting individuals in the development of becoming a full-fledged expert in their field.

Continuous improvement

Alongside the continuous educational materials available, a BDMA Membership offers you continuous improvement throughout your career. Once you receive your accreditation and membership, it can be with you for life and it is widely respected and recognised across the industry.

With consistent learning and training available it allows you to develop both knowledge and technical skill required within the ever-changing damage management and property claims industry. This provides confidence across the entire supply chain, including customers and service users.

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