Corporate Associates

Corporate Associate status is open to any organisation wishing to show support for the BDMA and the damage management industry

On receipt of a completed application form and appropriate fee, applicants are required to confirm their acceptance of specific terms & conditions in writing, after which they may display the Corporate Associate version of the BDMA logo on their website and in promotional literature

Corporate Associates may not claim to be ‘members’ of the BDMA, display the relevant logo on any company vehicle or make any statement that implies approval or accreditation by the BDMA

VIOLATION of the terms & conditions by Corporate Associates is taken very seriously and is always pursued where it is brought to our attention.  Depending on the nature and severity of the violation, or where requests to comply are persistently ignored, the matter is passed to Trading Standards who will take action if the company continues to be in breach of the terms & conditions


Open to all industry related organisations with an ongoing professional interest in damage management and the desire to be associated with a UK body dedicated to improving and developing industry standards through continuous education and training programmes.


  1. Submission of application form
  2. Payment of appropriate fee
  3. Agreement to Terms & Conditions


£226.00 + VAT per annum



  • Membership certificate
  • BDMA Standards
  • Monthly newsletter with the latest e-Learning news and helpful articles 
  • Quarterly issue of The Standard


Acumen Claims Ltd
Aim Building and Maintenance Services
Almerico Ltd
Alorair Solutions UK Ltd
Ambience Restoration Limited 
ARL Training Services Ltd
ASA Leak Detection

Aspen Restoration Ltd
Baxter & Baxter Limited
Bedfords Surveyors Ltd
Beon Property Claims Ltd

Betacove Limited
BHS Property Services Ltd
Bio Response Limited
BioSweep UK Limited
Blizzard Blasting Solutions Limited
Bostik Limited

Building Validation Solutions Ltd
Buildzone UK Ltd
Burke Bros Moving Group
Cadman Restore and Build 
Cameron’s Planning Solutions Ltd
Catalyst Services UK
Central London Construction and Maintenance Ltd

Chem-Dry UK
Cornerstone Management Services Ltd
Corroventa Ltd
Dale Building Maintenance Ltd
Dantherm Limited

Dart Facility Services (CM) Ltd
DBK Technitherm Ltd
Disaster Assist Limited
Disastercare South Central
DJH Ravcon Limited
East London Claims Management Limited
Ecor Pro
Edge Equipment Hire Limited
Edinmore Contracts Ltd
E. G. Carter & Co Ltd
Farcroft Restoration Limited
First Call Restoration
First Impression
Fulcrum Disaster Management Limited
Furniture Clinic Ltd
Garrard Building and Construction Ltd
Goodyer Limited
Heightvale Ltd
Highbury Homes
Hollington & Sons (Builders) Ltd t/a Oll
Humidity Response Ltd
Hygiene Pro Clean Limited

ICE Services Group Ltd
Ideal Response Group Ltd

Independent Restoration Limited
Insight Specialist Services
INS Property Claims Limited
Intech Property Services
Jensen Hughes
JDN Property Services Limited
Legend Brands Europe
Lite Response Limited
London Basement Pumps Limited
Maltby Property Consultants Ltd

Martin Property Care Ltd
MC Leak Detection
Moisture and Carbon Solutions Ltd
National Contractor Network
Neways Associates Ltd
Oakleafe Claims Ltd

Olli Construction Services
Paragon Pumps Limited
Paul Ryan UK Ltd t/a Rainbow Restoration
Perfect Group
Phoenix Building Services
Pinpoint Trace and Access Limited
Plastic Surgeon Ltd
PPS Leak Detection
Property Damage London Ltd
Prime Disaster Response
Prism Network Ltd
Rainbow Restoration
Recovery Restoration
Redfern Group Limited
Response Services Ltd

Rhodar Ltd
Rozone Ltd
Roywood Contractors
Safeline Environmental Ltd
Sarrani Ltd
Seco Solutions (20-20) Limited
Sedgwick Repair Solutions UK
Select Construction Solutions Limited
SOS Leak Detection and Prevention Ltd

Stellar Insurance Reinstatement Services
Strand-Build Ltd
Taurus DRS Limited
Tempest Restoration Ltd
Terry Waters French Polishing Ltd
The Clearway Group Ltd
The Forshaw Group
The Innovation Group

The Revival Company (UK) Ltd
Topmarx Ltd
Tramex Ltd
Wylander Recruiting
Your Claim Ltd T/A Anglia Restoration
Zab Consultants Ltd



No accreditation is associated with this status. The BDMA does not undertake an approval process of any kind in relation to companies listed as corporate associates.