Claims Technician

BDMA TECH (Claims) is the accreditation for those whose work includes property claims activities but who do not meet the criteria for the core insurer or damage management categories.


Individuals who are involved in property claims activities, who do not meet the criteria for core BDMA Technician categories or those for Insurance Technician.

The category caters for those who are not directly employed by an insurance or adjusting company for whom interaction with professional damage management practitioners and the insurance sector is a feature of their day-to-day activity.

The category caters for a variety of roles within the wider industry.  It may, for example, be appropriate for individuals working as surveyors, client development or account managers, or in technical support functions, who do not personally carry out damage management services.

Experience and Qualifications:

  • Awareness of insurance property claims processes
  • Damage management industry awareness
  • A minimum period as an Associate Member may be specified
  • Registered as owning a copy of the Official BDMA Training & Reference Module
  • Completion of a comprehensive training course in damage management principles and practice that follows the BDMA syllabus. There is an official BDMA Core Damage Management Technician Training Course available via BDMA Training.
  • Accreditation is maintained via BDMA CPD Scheme after first twelve months

Entry Method: Satisfactory completion of relevant BDMA Examination (Syllabus available here).

Please note that you also have the option to apply for our Core Damage Management Claims Technician training and examination for £325 + VAT. This includes 12 months Associate Membership and access to the Damage Management Training & Reference e-Learning module. View our courses and training calendar here


Not relevant.

Fees: £168.00 + VAT per annum

Apply for Associate Membership (if you are aiming for Claims Technician accreditation).


For currently accredited BDMA Claims Technicians please see our list of Accredited Individual Members.