BDMA Conference 2022: The roadmap for sustainable resilience

The roadmap for sustainable resilience – your invitation to join the debate!

We are delighted to announce that our 2022 conference and exhibition will be held on 29th-30th June at the East Midlands Conference Centre!

The conference’s theme focuses on ‘The roadmap for sustainable resilience’ and sets out to explore what our brave new world needs to look like and the necessary change to secure a bright future.

The property insurance supply chain has faced a series of unparalleled challenges since we were all together in November 2019. 

We are well used to dealing with competition, with even greater customer expectations, with surge events, with changes in insurer priorities, but no one could have been truly prepared for what BREXIT and COVID-19 created. In a sector where resilience and response are the ordinary, we have been tested in extraordinary ways.

But there remain big challenges ahead for our industry and if we are to continue to prosper and grow, we need to build even more resilience into our businesses and demonstrate sustainability – not just in ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance), but in business performance.

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