Buildings and Construction through the ages (BCTA104)

  • Course Date 20/03/2024
  • Booking Deadline 13/03/2024
  • Venue

    National Self-Build and Renovation Centre
    Lydiard Fields,
    Great Western Way,
    SN5 8UB

  • Course Type Formal structured training
  • Course ID BCTA04
  • Cost £250 +VAT (member price) & £275 +VAT (non-member price)
  • Length 2 days
  • CPD 12 BDMA CPD points


Jerry Gibbs


Day 1
Registration: 9:15
Course Start: 9:30
Course Finish: 16:00

Day 2
Registration: 9:15
Course Start: 9:30
Course Finish: 16:00

Relevant To

Individuals working in the Damage Management industry wishing to develop a greater understanding of building materials and construction methods in order to broaden their knowledge base.


At the end of the course, candidates will be able to: • improve the efficiency of drying by understanding how buildings are constructed • identify different building materials and understand their differing abilities to tolerate or retain water • Understand the potential water “traps” within old and new constructions. • Recognise the diversity and age of buildings in the UK • Recognise the different techniques needed for drying different materials • Understand regional construction methods


  • Early building styles
  • Regional constructions – Why construction changes regionally
  • Typical construction techniques from the 1200’s to the present day including:
    • Timber framed / cruck framed
    • Dormer and chalet bungalows
    • Houses of 1 or more storeys
    • Basements, sub-basements and subterranean
  • Types of foundations
  • Types of walls
    • Stone and brick
    • Clay lump, cob, clom and bungaroosh
    • Wood and cladding
    • Steel framed and pre-cast
  • Types of floors
    • Solid
    • Suspended
    • Floating
  • Damp proof courses and tanking systems
  • Insulation and vapour barriers
  • Types of finishes


To successfully dry a property, we first need to understand how it is constructed.  We should also understand the materials used in the construction.

In the UK we live in a diverse range of buildings that vary significantly in their age and construction, but we assume that we can dry them all using the same equipment and techniques.

This course will cover regional building construction using local materials and modern building techniques and the different drying methods we need to use to dry them effectively.  If you know very little about regional builds, floating floors, or even Bungaroosh then this course is for you!

The course is suitable for anyone with a basic knowledge of drying and assessing / surveying.


The course will be held at the National Self-Build and Renovation Centre (NSBRC) which is conveniently located just off the M4 with accommodation available locally. NSBRC – Home

The centre focusses on modern building techniques and has many construction materials displayed with information on where they are likely to be found

This course is open to any interested party (members and non-members).

A non-refundable deposit is required to secure a place on the course due to limited spaces.

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