The BDMA’s Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Scheme supports members’ ongoing professional development, recording points accrued from a range of learning activities.  The Programme identifies the number of CPD Points allocated to specific types of events, study materials and other educational activities, allowing members to prove they are maintaining their professional competence and constantly improving their knowledge.  Options are not confined to BDMA events but include any approved relevant learning activity.

Some membership categories require a specific CPD Points total to be accrued annually in order to maintain accreditation.  If applicable the CPD requirement is listed under the category criteria for achieving or maintaining accreditation.  Once registered, Members are provided with a log book to record their learning activities and they should also keep documentary proof of attendance at courses or events.

Log books are subject to audit at any time. Failure to produce CPD records for audit when requested is treated as non-compliance and membership is suspended pending an examination re-sit. If a pass mark is not achieved when re-sitting the exam, accreditation is withdrawn.

Through the CPD process the BDMA can assist those who have not previously considered how they might continue their education, while those who have already embarked on their own development path will find the CPD Programme provides a valuable support structure.

PLEASE NOTE: Updated CPD Points allocations came into effect on 1 April 2015. All members registered on the scheme should have received an electronic copy of the revised CPD Log Book.

The annual CPD registration fee is £15 + VAT