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    This information allows us to maintain your membership and/or provide support if you change jobs or have a period out of work. If you do not wish to provide a home address or postcode, please enter 'Unwilling to provide' in the relevant boxes.
    I hereby apply under the Insurance Technician Membership category of the British Damage Management Association. I agree to be bound by the Association’s Rules, which can be found on the BDMA website (www.bdma.org.uk), and to have my name entered on its Register of Members’.
    ‘Members’ names are also listed under their membership category on the BDMA website. Additionally, names of newly accredited members are published in The Standard Magazine, once only, at the time of certification. Listings do not include contact information. Please tick relevant boxes If you DO NOT wish to be listed on the website and/or in The Standard * For more information please refer to the BDMA Privacy Policy on our website.
    Payment must be received before your place on the course can be confirmed