Specialist Corporate Membership Application

Accreditation at Corporate level does not incur any fee but applicants must fulfil strict criteria
to the satisfaction of the BDMA Executive.

To apply for, or renew, Specialist Corporate Accredited Membership please complete and submit the form below

The BDMA corporate Collective Mark, which may only be used by accredited Corporate Members, will be provided to you with details of usage permissions and restrictions at the time your application is ratified


To achieve accreditation at Specialist Corporate Level:

60% of qualifying staff must hold valid current accreditation at Technician Level

10% of which must be accredited at Specialist Restorer Level (with a minimum of one Specialist Restorer per company)

QUALIFYING STAFF are all those who work for your company (apart from the *exceptions listed below)
Staff that have worked for you via an agency continuously for more than 6 months since their first usage must be included.

*Exceptions are:
• Staff who work solely in admin, sales, marketing or finance (1)
• Staff working for sub-contractors – unless network/franchise rules apply
• Staff who have worked for your company for less than 6 months

(1) Staff working solely in admin, sales, marketing or finance will not be included in the qualifying headcount,
but must be shown in the overall total staff working for your organisation.

PLEASE NOTE: All criteria are strictly enforced and open to audit at any time



You will be able to save your form for later completion or to upload your Staff Register document before submitting.

Specialist Corporate Membership Application

Use this form to apply for, or renew, Accredited Corporate Membership. A separate form should be used if applying for Corporate Associate.
  • Please refer to the criteria set out above when completing this form to ensure all requirements are met. You will be able to save and return to the form before submission if necessary.


    Use this section work out which staff to include in your qualifying headcount. REFER TO THE CRITERIA AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE FOR GUIDANCE.
  • How many people does your organisation employ in total? (You must include all personnel who have been employed – or worked for your company via an agency – for more than 6 months)
  • Of this TOTAL number how many are employed solely in administration, sales, marketing or finance?
  • Total number of employees less the number of non field staff will be the number of qualifying staff to be taken into account for corporate accreditation. This field will be calculated automatically from the above information.
  • Enter 0 if not applicable
  • Enter 0 if applicable
  • BEFORE SUBMITTING THIS FORM PLEASE DOWNLOAD THE STAFF REGISTER DOCUMENT (from the link above) to provide details of qualifying individuals. The completed document must be uploaded below to form part of your application.
  • Upload your Staff Register Document here and any other supporting evidence you wish to provide. (Maximum of 8MB per file)
    Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: doc, docx, pdf, jpeg, png.
  • Additional information

  • Authorisation and agreement to conditions of Corporate Membership

  • We hereby, apply for full Corporate Membership of the British Damage Management Association and agree to be bound by its Rules and have our name entered on the BDMA Register of Corporate Members, which may appear on the BDMA website or in literature and is available to interested parties on application.
  • We confirm the information provided in this application is true and correct, to the best of our knowledge.
  • We understand that the BDMA reserves the right to carry out a company audit of sufficient depth only to verify the information contained in this application, either at the time of application or at any time while corporate membership is held by the company. The results of this audit may be used to confirm, reject or cancel corporate membership.
  • We consent to the information we have provided being validated by our organisational head office, main network office or franchisor.
  • Thank you for providing the above information. PLEASE ENSURE YOU HAVE UPLOADED YOUR STAFF REGISTER DOCUMENT before submitting this form.


Corporate membership applications are submitted to the BDMA Executive for assessment and ratification