Specialist Corporate

ACCREDITED SPECIALIST CORPORATE MEMBERSHIP of the BDMA requires organisations to meet stringent criteria and will only be achieved by companies that include accredited BDMA Specialist Restorers as well as a significant proportion of professionally qualified core damage management staff.

It will normally take an organisation between 3 and 5 years, after their individual staff start the accreditation process, to achieve Corporate accreditation. The requisite criteria are audited annually and must continue to be met in order to maintain accredited status.

Accredited Specialist Corporate Members are entitled to display the Corporate Collective Mark, which is provided in association with their membership number. This is a registered trade mark and any VIOLATION of the terms and conditions of use are treated very seriously and action taken where appropriate.

The Corporate Collective Mark must be removed immediately from all literature, websites, and other media as well as from company vehicles if an organisations fails to meet the accreditation criteria at annual audit.


Organisations with 60% of their total practitioners accredited by the BDMA as Technicians, of which 10% must be accredited at Specialist Restorer Level.

Entry Method: Qualifying criteria ratified by BDMA Executive.
Fees: No annual fee.

New applications for the Specialist Corporate Membership are temporarily closed. If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact info@bdma.org.uk in the interim.


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