Mark Davis – BDMA Conference Speaker Profile

Name: Mark W. Davis            

Company and job title: PuroClean, Chairman/CEO & Signal Restoration Services, Co-Chairman/CEO

Brief synopsis of your talk: Restoration industry overview of where the industry has been, where we are today and a look into the future. The focus will be the evolution of technology, certification standards, advances in equipment and customer interactions/expectations, as well as how artificial intelligence (AI) will impact the industry as it relates to the ability to provide information in real-time and enhance the overall restoration experience for all involved. 

Title of your talk: Evolution of the Restoration Industry

What are you most looking forward to about the BDMA conference? The opportunity to share my vast industry knowledge and experiences gained in my current roles with both PuroClean and Signal Restoration, as well as my former role as Co-Founder and CEO of Belfor, North America to the community of prestigious guests assembled for this year’s conference.  I am looking forward to interacting with other industry leaders and ultimately collaborating with them to improve this industry we are all passionate about.